G.Page Wholesale Flowers is a high end wholesale florist located in the heart of the NYC flower district. We receive flowers from all over the world and ship throughout the United States.

We at G.Page Flowers are committed to bringing unusual, high quality, and above all the beautiful flowers to our customers. We are constantly searching the globe for newer, bigger, and better flowers. In addition to having many international suppliers, we work with local growers, encouraging them to grow stronger and more interesting product. By working with local growers we give our customers the opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint in flower purchasing by buying local. Many of the farms we work with in South America and Malaysia are also certified organic. 

Gary Page has been in the wholesale flower business since 1984 and has always been driven by the powerful effect that beauty has on one's life. After many years in the business G.Page Flowers continues to be motivated by the quest for the beautiful and our desire to share that with our customers.